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Kailh Low Profile Choc Switches

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Color: White
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Kailh Choc Switches are the most popular low-profile switch by far. With a height of almost half and a travel of 3mm, they make little compromise.

This is a newer batch of White Chocs, so they don't have the rattly stabilizers inside. Because of this, the white switch performs very similarly to robins.

 Color Type Force
Pro Red Linear 35gf
Pink Linear 20gf

10 switches per pack.

Which linear should I get? It's commonly believed in the community that Choc switches feel around 20gf heavier than their MX counterpart at the same force. This means a Choc Red switch feels heavier than an MX Red switch. Despite this, the Red switch remains a comfortable and affordable switch for many. Pink switches are ultra-light, and opinions are a bit more polarized between finding any other switch too heavy and not being able to type using them. Pro Red switches offer a happy medium that the vast majority of users will enjoy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joonas Lehtinen
Typeractive is awesome, switches not so much

Built a Corne keyboard from Typeractive parts. Easy build and a lovely keyboard. Superb service.

Unfortunately none of the low profile switches have been great. Tried pink, white and pro red. They all work as advertised, but I am not a fan of the typing feel.

Considering making another build with MX switches when Typeractive gets those boards back in stock.

Mugahed Izzeldin
the order came very fast

Hi, your order came very fast, i already had time constraints but you successflly delivered the package even earlier than it should by, THANK YOU!