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Corne Case

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Style: MX
Type: Black FR-4 Plates
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Protect your corne in style. These minimal cases are made to complement our wireless kits perfectly. The 3DP cases have cutouts for the USB, power switch, and reset button.

The 3DP cases are 3D printed using Polymaker PLA Pro. Due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be imperfections with the case. 

  • 2x bottom plates/3DP cases
  • 2x switch plates
  • 21x screws (M2x3 for choc, M2x4 for MX)
  • 10x standoffs (M2x4 for choc, M2x7 for MX)
  • 10x 3M rubber feet

The choc variants are for our compact choc PCB, not for a traditional choc MX spaced kit. If you're not buying these for our PCB, you probably want MX!

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Jorge Toledo
Great minimal case

Easy to install and looks awesome, especially if you paint the borders with a black marker.

The switches feel a bit loose and come easily off the top plate (but maybe that's by design), and the "top" (upper row) part of the plates doesn't exactly align with the PCB (which could only be solved by making the PCB slightly taller, I think). Just nitpicking here, the case is great anyways.


Fantastic products with an amazing finish! Built my first corne board and everything worked perfectly! Amazing customer service as well!

Tyler Haire
Super happy with it!

The form factor is perfect for being productive on-the-go and with multiple devices! Overall extremely happy with the kit and the instructions on the site to set it all up. Admittedly I skimmed the instructions and had to go back and redo a few steps and everything was robust enough where that was no issue and everything works great now that it is actually assembled. I would also highly recommend the web-based key-map editor that is linked in the Firmware section of the build guide; it makes changing your layout on-the-fly and across different devices an absolute breeze! Overall absolute 10/10 kit, build guide, software, and finished keyboard! If you’re in the market for an ergo-mechanical that is also incredibly portable look no further!!

Kevin Fouche
Happy customer

I’m a noob at this. Your build function on the website was perfect. Excited to have my first keyboard built and now punishing myself by trying to learn Colemak at the same time. Fun stuff!


Very good quality. Thank you for making this.