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Kester Solder Wire Tube

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Kester solder is our favorite solder. Good solder is something you didn't know you were missing until you have it, and Kester is the best of the best. Compared to other brands, it provides maximum temperature stability and consistent flow. You can rely on it for remarkable results.

The Kester "44" Sn63/Pb37 makeup results in one of the easiest soldering experiences thanks to its eutectic property.

Normally, you can't purchase Kester solder in manageable quantities. This solder has been specially packaged for your use at an affordable price. The 0.02" (0.5mm) diameter is perfect for working with keyboard-size components.

This tube contains 3/4oz of solder, which is enough for numerous keyboard projects.

Note that this solder is leaded. Due to this, we cannot ship to places like the EU due to restrictions. If you believe your country will accept imported leaded solder, contact us.

  • For industrial use only
  • We can not offer advice on a specific application. For use by experienced electronics technicians
  • User assumes all risk for application.
  • Any warranties are limited to replacement or refund of product.
  • Always wear safety glasses when working with soldering equipment and materials
  • Always use adequate ventilation when working with soldering equipment and materials
  • Avoid breathing flux fumes emitted during soldering.
  • Flux fumes may cause pulmonary irritation or damage.
  • This product, during handling or use, may be hazardous to your health or the environment. Read the Kester Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and warning label before using this product.

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