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Lily58 Wireless Partially Assembled PCB

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Originally designed by kata0510, the Lily58 has become a staple of the community for its compact, number-row-included design. Typeractive has brought a custom wireless version featuring partial assembly. Soldering is still required for the nice!nanos and nice!views.

Not sure what you need to purchase for the kit? Use our 3D kit builder.

Shared features of the variants

  • Compatibility with nice!view displays
  • Power switch
  • Battery Jack
  • Kailh hotswap sockets
  • Pre-soldered diodes, hotswap sockets, battery jacks, power switches, reset buttons
  • Cross-hatched PCB design
  • Thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing trace routes

Differences between the MX and Choc variants

  • The MX variant only supports MX switches and the Choc variant only supports Choc V1 switches
  • While the MX variant maintains the dimensions of the Lily58 Pro PCB, the Choc PCB has totally different dimensions and utilizes Choc spacing (18x17mm). The Choc PCB is therefore more compact

nice!nanos and nice!views still require assembly by the user

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent Kit and Top Customer Support

I ordered the Lilly58 kit as my first split keyboard and first DIY kit. It's significantly cheaper going DIY for splits and this kit makes the DIY experience very easy. Sure I made some silly mistakes which slowed me down, but if you'er careful the whole build process can be done in just a few hours. have created a beginner friendly and feature rich kit. Not only is it easy to put together but it also includes the low power screens and solid bluetooth connectivity. The screens are very useful - out-the-box - both for tracking connectivity and showing you which layer you're on. They don't run the battery down either. contacted me soon after my order had shipped. They said that there *might* be an issue with the nice nanos. They weren't sure, but sent me out two more just-in-case. It turned out the nanos were fine, so I can only praise them for their customer service. And I have a couple of spare Nanos :)

I've spent much much longer tinkering with keyboard layouts and I think this is where going DIY can make things a little harder. The ZMK firmware is very good, and there is a very good GUI that can help, but I've still spent a lot of time getting a half-decent layout setup.

I have no regrets buying this kit, however. It's been a joy to setup and use, has features which are hard to find anywhere else. And was reasonably priced too!

Auston T

Was very easy to build. One part showed up damaged; Support was extremely fast and helpful.

Amazing product

Great, really ez to put everything together and have a fully functional keeb. To be perfect, only open sourcing the PCB and the case. :)

Great keyboard

Came in perfect condition! want beat the price for almost a rebuild like this and great quality!