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Lily58 Wireless Partially Assembled PCB

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Originally designed by kata0510, the Lily58 has become a staple of the community for its compact, number-row-included design. Typeractive has brought a custom wireless version featuring partial assembly. Soldering is still required for the nice!nanos and nice!views.

Not sure what you need to purchase for the kit? Use our 3D kit builder.

Shared features of the variants

  • Compatibility with nice!view displays
  • Power switch
  • Battery Jack
  • Kailh hotswap sockets
  • Pre-soldered diodes, hotswap sockets, battery jacks, power switches, reset buttons
  • Cross-hatched PCB design
  • Thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing trace routes

Differences between the MX and Choc variants

  • The MX variant only supports MX switches and the Choc variant only supports Choc V1 switches
  • While the MX variant maintains the dimensions of the Lily58 Pro PCB, the Choc PCB has totally different dimensions and utilizes Choc spacing (18x17mm). The Choc PCB is therefore more compact

nice!nanos and nice!views still require assembly by the user

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Barry O'Brien
Just works

This is my second split keyboard but first one I have assembled myself. I purchased everything but the batteries, switches and keycaps from typeractive. Took about 2 hours to put together and worked straight away. I got the no solder headers and everything worked no problem. Highly recommend

Michael Wu
McLOVIN' it and seems to have eliminated the source of my RSI!

TLDR: wholly recommend, great package, lightweight/portable, battery life is good enough (though of course more is nice) and charging/maintenance is a non-issue, no solder kit is almost effortless and building/setup was a breeze. No issues with bluetooth latency. Highly recommend, and fast order fulfillment/shipping at a time when I really needed it. Only con may be cause of the type of switches I got and that it's not the most "premium" feeling, which I'm fine with since I highly value portability. Been solid and reliable.

*** Full experience/ review ***

So I've been down the ergonomic rabbit hole before and love mechanical keyboards. The only one I've owned/needed is the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2012 (Cherry MX blues). I've been typing and working on a Framework 13 inch laptop keyboard for the past 2 years and in the last half year I customized it with a split keymap and right thumb modifier which was working great, but I started experiencing nerve pain in my right hand. Really scary, since typing is how I do my job as a programmer, and I couldn't work.

A bunch of posture correction and mobility/stretching seemed to help, but I noticed that when I used the laptop keyboard, the pain would come back. So I did some searching and tried to see how typing with a large split down the middle so that my shoulders don't need to cave in felt. No pain. And I also realized that I had no pain while sitting while driving for 8+ hours. So I was pretty sure it was due to the positioning of the laptop keyboard.

I ordered the wireless Lily58 with zero parts that I had to solder. It shipped quickly (I chose expedited shipping since I needed it ASAP). Building and setup was a breeze! I'm glad I chose the more expensive no solder pins and avoided the potential of soldering issues.

The keyboard assembled is small and very light (amazing since I can easily travel with it), and now I have the ability to use the same keyboard on multiple devices.

I was initially worried about bluetooth latency, but it hasn't been an issue the last 2+ weeks. Range is great as well, and it's been fine in a brief gaming (FPS) test.

I was also thinking of forgoing the stock 110mAh battery to get larger ones due to the annoyance of having to frequently charge, but that has been a non-issue as well. The battery lasts long enough and charging is quick (while being able to use the keyboard) that it doesn't really matter to me if a larger battery lasts more than a week. Though more would be nice.

It did take a while to get used to typing on this (especially going with Kailh Choc Pinks because of the accidental key presses that I've been learning how to avoid and first time using ortholinear) but it's oh so comfortable to use.

Overall, it's an amazing package where all the parts are user serviceable (especially if you go the totally no solder route). The configuration I got is not really premium feeling and does kind of give off the "DIY" feel/vibe (basically all plastic), but that may be a feature for me, especially since I wanted something light and portable.

Best of all, my RSI/nerve pain has almost all subsided, and I can type again. Can't really put a price on health, 10/10 recommend Typeractive for making a DIY wireless keyboard effortless and reliable. Thanks y'all, truly, and if anyone else is reading this in a similar position, just buy! I found Typeractive first, then wanted to save some money going through cheaper options, spent days in a deep rabbithole from researching totally DIY options to other vendors, and eventually came back to and bought from Typeractive, lol.


A pleasure all around!

I've got to say, the process was incredibly smooth thanks to the interactive 3D builder! For someone who's never build a ergo keyboard before, the step-by-step visual guide was a game-changer.

The same can be said about the keymap editor. Friendly customer service if you ever need to reach out. I genuinely enjoyed every min of this process. All parts are high quality. No complaints.

I am already thinking about putting together a corne keyboard.

Charles Bailey
Fantastic service and a fantastic keyboard kit!

My first built ergo split keyboard, absolutely cuffed with it, quick shipping and good packaging. Highly recommended

suitable for beginner with some help

The first PCB ever that I bought. Fells like it has good quality, everything as promised. The fact that it is partially asssembled already is very convenient