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Liter Bihuade

Lithium Battery 110mAh

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This 3.7v 110mAh 301230 rechargeable lithium battery will fit snugly underneath a nice!nano. It offers about a week of battery life on a split keyboard and a month or longer on a non-split keyboard with no extra LEDs or OLEDs.

301230 stands for the dimensions of this battery, which are 3.0x12x30mm.

The white battery option with the PH 2.0mm connector plug also comes with a matching connector jack with leads to connect to your nice!nano or other PCB. The black PH 2.0mm connector does not come with a matching connector jack and leads.

The black PH 2.0mm battery has much shorter leads than the white connector battery as it's made to be used with our custom wireless kits and doesn't need the extra length.

Cannot be shipped outside of the US. International orders containing this item will be canceled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
tiny but powerful

super cheap and they power a nice nano forever. I love that typeractive sells theirs with JST attached as an option!

Thomas Payton

Lithium Battery 110mAh

Jean Sebastien Barrau
Works great with my cornev3 board

At first i thought the batteries were not keeping charge but instead it was my board not going to sleep, I fixed that in the firmware and now it last a lot longer.

Max Hsu
Happy. Quick shipment, no issues.

Happy with the purchase here. Shipping was quick, no hassles. Got what I needed. No issues with the batteries, no complaints.

Pravin Kumar Ravi

Lithium Battery 110mAh