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The nice!view is a SSD1306 OLED replacement boasting >1,000x power savings while keeping a 30Hz refresh rate. It has a similar pinout to SSD1306 OLEDs with one extra pin making it easy to add on to existing boards. For more details and documentation, visit Nice Keyboards.

  • 160x68 pixel resolution with a diagonal size of 1.08"
  • 36x14x2.9mm dimensions
  • 30Hz refresh rate
  • <10uA typical power draw
  • Conformal coat to reduce the possibility of shorts
  • Socket and pins included
  • 3-wire SPI protocol
  • 3.3V voltage
  • Sharp LS011B7DH03 display

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ryan H.
Amazing displays!

The displays came quickly and well packed. They worked amazing once I figured out some extra stuff I had to do (a Corne doesn’t natively support them, and ZMK needs minimal configuration to work with it).

nice!view is nice!

Struggled to get this up and running on an existing nice!nano v2 before performing a settings reset, but working great after. I love how sharp the display is while sipping power and still being very responsive, no screen flashing like typical e-ink, etc. I plan to use this on future builds now!

Avery Grimshaw
Looks great and works great, somewhat limited by software

Display looks great, very crisp. With nice!nano + ZMK, it shows the Bluetooth/USB connection status, Bluetooth profile (for multiple hosts), battery level, current layer, and WPM. Unfortunately ZMK’s display config is limited to just this information at this time, which is something to bear in mind if you’re considering this display. For me, it’s essential since I’m swapping between 5 different computers, so I will live with it.

Supposedly Peg/CircuitPython allow for more customization and do work with nice!view, but I haven’t tried this solution.

José Augusto Martins
Everything as expected

It took a little bit more time than expected, but everything got here the way I expected!
The shipping was done next day and I am able to follow each step, those are really good points.

Customs in Brazil held the package for almost 30 days, so be aware that it might take some time, but in the end everything got here as I expected

We're glad your order arrived in good condition after getting stuck in customs. Time spent in customs is hard for us to gauge, but we'll look into how we can better inform international customers on what to expect for their shipments. We appreciate the feedback!

Crisp, clear, cute!

I build a Swweeep, one of the first boards to natively supports the Nice!view. I love this little display. It makes better use of the space it occupies thank the OLED it replaces and draws almost no power. The display’s reflectivity is great, making it reasonably legible even low light situations. I’m a fan.