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The nice!view is a SSD1306 OLED replacement boasting >1,000x power savings while keeping a 30Hz refresh rate. It has a similar pinout to SSD1306 OLEDs with one extra pin making it easy to add on to existing boards. For more details and documentation, visit Nice Keyboards.

  • 160x68 pixel resolution with a diagonal size of 1.08"
  • 36x14x2.9mm dimensions
  • 30Hz refresh rate
  • <10uA typical power draw
  • Conformal coat to reduce the possibility of shorts
  • Socket and pins included
  • 3-wire SPI protocol
  • 3.3V voltage
  • Sharp LS011B7DH03 display

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Amazing display

I didn't really realize this is a transreflective display, which means it emits no light of his own, and thus can only be seen with some ambient light. The display is super crisp and high refresh rate, definitely feels premium.

Ryan Wali
Received Everything in Perfect Working order

The kit worked as expected, with plenty of documentation. I was fully successful in my build and appreciate the completeness!

Jeff H
Super display - Low power usage

Love this display - and the low power consumption level. Nick did a great job with this product, and I’d highly recommend it paired with a nice!nano, even if on a 4-pin board where you’re replacing an OLED.

Dylan Meeks
Love it

Everting I expected

Javier Alba
This accessory is a must!

The screens look awesome.
Mexican customs process was terrible as always, but the customer service from typeractive was pretty good, I've contacted them via email and they were super friendly and helpful. I really appreciate they have international coverage.