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Tenting Feet

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Add tenting to your keyboard with these feet. These 3.5mm thick feet can be placed at two different angles to tent your keyboard.

Flip your keyboard upside down to set the foot height, and flip it back over. To collapse them, keep the keyboard right side up, gently pull back on the foot, and let it fall back flat.

Comes with 10 taller bump-ons to prevent your keyboard from rocking with these installed and set flat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jonathan Woolson
Tenting feet work very well

Easy to set up. Great to have extra sticky tape included. I have stable and secure typing with a Lily58 keyboard. This the most compact keyboard tenting solution I've found.

Leonard Altmeyer
broke for me

the tenting is pretty good but there's a little grove just before the rubber feet and one of my feet broke off. It's still totally functional if u break all of them accordingly but not ideal depending on what surface you're on

Works really well!

I recently upgraded my Lily58 with Tenting Feet, and I must say, the difference in the typing experience is remarkable. These feet are incredibly sturdy, providing a solid base that translates into a more comfortable typing posture. I've found that this new setup is so relaxing, it's almost like it could lull me to sleep while typing!

However, there's a slight problem when it comes to placement. The feet can make the keyboard wobbly when typing across it while positioned flat. But, here's a thought—what if this could be improved with a bit of DIY innovation? I'm thinking about possibly 3D printing a custom case that includes inserts specifically designed for these legs—wink, wink.

Overall, I'm really happy with the addition of Tenting Feet.

Manuel Da Silva
Very nice solution for tenting

Just be careful on how you place it originally if you are planning to use the keyboard without any tenting

Exactly what I needed

Works perfectly with wireless Corne, pretty stable, still portable – doesn't add much weight and 3 positions helps when you position arms in different ways