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Liter Bihuade

Lithium Battery 750mAh

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This 3.7v 750mAh 403450 rechargeable lithium battery will fit in most standard 60% keyboard cases, especially ones with a battery well. This pairs well with the nice!60 and should offer a few months of battery life with the underglow off. This battery has a JST-PH 2.0mm connector, which is the same connector required for the nice!60.

403450 stands for the dimensions of this battery, which are 4.0x34x50mm.

If you're using a board without a JST-PH connector jack installed, you'll want to add a connector jack with leads to let you use the connector plug on the battery (like with a nice!nano).

Cannot be shipped outside of the US. International orders containing this item will be canceled.

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