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Silicone USB-C to USB-C Cable

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Color: Black
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  • 6 feet (2m) in length
  • Silicone cable
  • USB Power Delivery up to 65W
  • Heat resistant
  • High Flexibility
  • Ideal for the Pinecil

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mauro Luis Diaz Rodríguez

Silicone USB-C to USB-C Cable

Beautiful form, mediocre function

UPDATE: typeractive was kind enough to send me a replacement cable, and the replacement has worked well for my use case. I've bumped my review from 2 stars to 4, it's a well thought out product and hopefully the quality issues are not widespread

Original review (2 stars): I bought this cable to use with a usb-c powered soldering iron. When it arrived, I was super pleased. It has a beautiful, thick silicone insulation that has a great feel, the plugs seemed sturdy and there's a nice leather strap to wrap the cable.

The initial impression started to dissipate as I used the cable. The movement from the soldering iron was enough to break the contact between the cable and the iron, essentially resetting the device at random intervals. This intermittent connectivity is unacceptable for my use case, which is very disappointing.

I do think this cable would work fine for a use case that is more "static", but I def won't buy it again

Hey Andrew!

Sorry to hear you're having connectivity issues with your cable. Please contact us, and we can help get you a replacement for your faulty cable

Den Switch
good cable

it was stated that the cable is usb 3.0, but in fact it's 2.0. i've contacted support and got refund for it, and they also changed product page after it, so other people can see it's not 3.0.

cable is flexible (not as much as i wanted it to be, but still nice) and works with 65w charger (should work with up to 100w). this cable is good for the pinecil
also there's led which indicates if there's power on device (lights up only when connected to device, doesn't light when just plugged into charger)