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Nice Keyboards

nice!nano v2.0

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The nice!nano is a Pro Micro drop-in replacement board that makes building wireless keyboards a breeze. For more details and documentation, visit Nice Keyboards.

You'll likely want a battery as well as sockets to go with your nice!nano.

Ultra Low Power

Built using power-conscious design and parts, the nice!nano stretches battery life to its limits.

Super Thin

With a mid-mount USB-C port, the nice!nano is only 3.2mm thick. That's thinner than a Pro Micro.

Drag and Drop Programming

The included UF2 bootloader makes updating the firmware as easy as dragging and dropping a file. No extra software required.

Tech Specs

 Microcontroller Nordic nRF52840
Flash 1MB
GPIO Pins 21
Battery Charger 4.2V Lithium @ 100/500mA
Voltage 3.3V
Quiescent Current ~20μA
PCB 2U" ENIG, TG 170 FR4

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Nice nano

This is not my first nice!nano so I already know it’s a good product. This is the first store I have found that has everything I need for a wireless build though - nice!nano, battery with jst, female jst connector, header/pins, hotswap sockets, switches and keycaps. That combined that with free and fast shipping easily makes them my favorite vendor. I highly recommend.

Ryan H.
Amazing little boards!

Got this when I decided on a Corne that would be wireless/ZMK. Both came in perfect condition and after socketing them, have worked flawlessly!

Only real complaint I have about them is the battery terminal holes being slightly smaller than battery wire, which is out of Typeractive’s control.

The Nice Nano is Nice

Good board quality, works on a breadboard test. I will be incorporating into a custom bluetooth keyboard using the ZMK firmware builder.

It would be nice if there was a machine pin set to include the three extra GPIO pins on this board.


I was having trouble finding nice!nanos in stock; the only other site I found had them for 10-15% more. I was thrilled to get everything else I needed (hotswap sockets, battery, power switch, and sockets & pins) for a fair price and fast processing/shipping.
This is my first nice!nano and I may never go back to a ProMicro variant. Wireless operation & much easier (drag&drop) flashing are wonderful conveniences I didn't even realize I was missing. I'll definitely be a repeat customer - thank you!

Jeffrey Chau
Exactly as ordered.

Sometimes it's difficult to source parts in this niche hobby, but the selection of parts here and the UI/delivery has been good. Super stoked and excited for my next project as well.